The Answer May Surprise You — and Surprise Critics of Capitalism Even More!

middle class, mutual funds, pension fundsYou, your family and friends may well share in McDonald’s profits, if you belong to what we loosely call the middle class, those of us who are neither really rich nor really poor.

You may not have known you’re an owner — few people do — but, it’s true nevertheless. Through pension funds, mutual funds, and other savings vehicles you and I became accidental capitalists, as we saved for retirement and other important goals.

If you put money into a pension or mutual fund, you own tiny slivers of a number of big corporations–like McDonald’s. Individually, none of us owns as much as a millionaire or billionaire, but when you consider how many of us in the middle class contribute to funds, suddenly we’re big-time capitalists.

For example, did you know 96.2 million Americans owned mutual funds in 2013? $15-trillion worth of funds? (2014 Investment Company Fact Book)

Did you know that the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CALPERS), one of the world’s largest pension funds, and made up state employees at all levels, from janitors to judges, controls about $300 billion worth of assets? And that’s just one of the many thousands of pension funds worldwide.

Through our ownership via mutual funds and pension funds, we collectively receive literally billions of dollars every year in profits and dividends. So you and I share in the profits of every Big Mac and fries, as well as the products and services sold by almost every big corporation.

How we and hundreds of millions of other middle class people became owners of companies like McDonald’s is one of the most fascinating — and unknown — stories of the past 70 years.

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